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The Delhi Township Fire Department provides a comprehensive level of emergency and public safety services. We serve a community of over 30,000 residents in an area of just 10.1 square miles. Our department ranks in the top five departments for call volume in Hamilton County with a total of 3,131 calls in 2008 - another 6% increase over 2007. We are staffed to provide paramedic level treatment and transport 365 days a year with a minimum of two ambulances.


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Chief Zoz

Spring Message

With Spring in full swing there are a few things we can do to ready our homes and ourselves for the warmer weather.  After such a long hard winter our homes can use some attention to make sure it is fire safe for our families. 
First, change the batteries in your smoke detectors, and update with new detectors if your current detectors are 8 years or older.  There are two kinds of smoke detectors on the market.  Ionization, or photoelectric.  Each has its pluses, but each detects fire in a different manner.  Ionization is better suited to detect a “flaming fire” and photoelectric is better at detecting a “smoldering fire”.  Each works differently, but are effective in their own right.  Your best choice is a dual sensor detector that has both sensors.  Single sensor detectors cost approximately $20, while a dual sensor ranges from $24-$40.
This is also a good time to check on the age of your carbon monoxide (CO) detectors.  Remember CO is colorless and odorless and mixes very well with room air.  CO detectors that are approaching 8 years should also be replaced.  Primary placement is in the area of the bedrooms, with a preference being one on each floor, much like smoke detectors.  CO detectors should be away from source appliances such as gas ranges and water heaters to be most effective.
While spring cleaning make sure to keep safe distances around appliances like water heaters.  It is recommended that 36 inches of clearance is appropriate around appliances.  Keep clear pathways to the electrical panel, gas shut off, and water shut off valves.  During emergencies these easy steps can help lessen damage by allowing firefighters quicker access to these areas.
A few reminders on fire safety in the home:
1.  Sleep with bedroom doors closed.  In case of fire this acts as a smoke and heat barrier.
2.  Keep cooking surfaces clear.  This is a common cause of kitchen fires.
3.  Limit the use of extension cords and do not place them under carpet or other furnishings.
4.  Make sure your address is clearly visible for fire and police responders.  While driving to your home and looking through your vehicles glass how easy is it to spot your address?
5.  Check out your outside grill.  Clean it well and keep it away from the house, and do not cook in the garage or under a deck/patio covering.

If you have any questions please call 922-2011 and one of YOUR firefighters will be happy to assist you.

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