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The Delhi Township Fire Department provides a comprehensive level of emergency and public safety services. We serve a community of over 30,000 residents in an area of just 10.1 square miles. Our department ranks in the top five departments for call volume in Hamilton County with a total of 3,131 calls in 2008 - another 6% increase over 2007. We are staffed to provide paramedic level treatment and transport 365 days a year with a minimum of two ambulances.


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Chief Zoz

Fall/Winter Message

Cooler temperatures are finally here.  With that come things we all need to care of around the house for our family’s safety.  October is fire prevention month.  This is a good time for us to put some safety maintenance on our calendars. 
First and foremost is to make sure our smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are operational and ready for the home heating season.  All smoke detectors, even the hard wired detectors in our houses have a battery in the detector.  The battery needs to be changed at least once a year.  Smoke detectors themselves should be replaced every ten years to assure proper operation.  If your Carbon monoxide detector is older than five years you should consider replacing this device as well.
After we have taken care of our detection devices we need to focus on our appliances.  All of our appliances should be kept clean and free of surrounding clutter.  In general, a three foot area of clearance around appliances and electrical panels is recommended.  Replace your furnace filter and clean your dryer vent. 
Have gas fired appliances serviced to assure they are burning cleanly and efficiently.  Remember all appliances that burn gas, oil, and wood produce carbon monoxide.  Make sure all external vents and chimneys are clear and can vent without obstruction.  If you use a wood burning fireplace have a professional chimney sweep clean and inspect the chimney liner.  Ignitable creosote buildup in the chimney is a common cause of chimney fires during high fireplace use.
Limit the use of extension cords in your home.  Extension cords are considered temporary devices and should be used within their load limitations.  Use light bulbs of the manufacturer’s suggested wattage.  Using a bulb with higher than recommended wattage heats the socket and can cause damage to the fixture, resulting in an electrical fire.  Multi-plug adaptors should be avoided.  This may cause wall outlets to heat and the plug to fail.  A single wall outlet fire can cause up to $1,000 damage if isolated to the outlet and the wiring leading to the outlet.
If you have a fire extinguisher make sure the gauge reads in the green.  Turn the extinguisher upside down and tap the bottom with a mallet.  This will loosen the powder, which tends to settle and “cake” in the bottom of the cylinder.  Know how to use the extinguisher.  But remember, an extinguisher is a “first aid” fire appliance.  Use your extinguisher to aid in your safe escape.
Finally, warm up cars outside of the garage.  Once outside, close the garage door as carbon monoxide may re-enter the home through an open garage door or partially opened window.  You could be putting those still in the house at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.  If you use or are thinking about a generator for back-up power make sure the device is outside and away from doors and windows that can be entry points for carbon monoxide. 

If you have any questions please call 922-2011 and one of YOUR firefighters will be happy to assist you.

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