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  Title Post Date
PDF Delhi Parks & Recreation 2014 Summer Programs 4-9-2014
PDF Delhi Township Veterans Association Memorial Day Ceremony May 25, 2014 4-7-2014
PDF Delhi Township Cleanup Day - Saturday, May 10, 2014 3-21-2014
PDF Delhi Zoning Commission Legal Notice 3-21-2014
PDF Delhi Grounds Custodian Job Posting 3-21-2014
PDF Delhi Police Officer Job Posting 3-14-2014
PDF Hamilton Co. Yard Trimmings Drop-off 3-13-2014
PDF Delhi Financial Advisory Board Meeting Schedule 2-28-2014
PDF Delhi Board of Trustees Special Meeting Notice on 2-4-2014 1-30-2014
PDF Oak Hills Local School District - Active Shooter Response Training 1-27-2014
PDF Delhi Citizen's Police Association Golf Outing 1-27-2014
PDF Delhi Board of Trustees Special Meeting Notice 12-26-2013
PDF Delhi Financial Advisory Board Convene 12-17-2013
PDF Delhi Christmas Tree Recycling Event 12-17-2013
PDF Delhi Financial Advisory Board Volunteer Opportunity 12-12-2013
PDF Delhi Fiscal Officer Job Posting 11-22-2013
PDF Delhi Township Records Commission Meeting October 30th 10-23-2013
PDF Hamilton County Board of Elections - November 2013 Election 10-22-2013
PDF Delhi Police Department Open House 10-7-2013
PDF Brian Schira Memorial Blood Drive 10-4-2013
PDF Delhi Fire Department Open House 9-23-2013
PDF Delhi Township Financial Advisory Board Meeting Canceled 8-15-2013 8-15-2013
PDF Delhi Job Posting - Part-Time Firefighter Paramedic 8-09-2013
PDF Delhi Job Posting - Administrative Assistant 8-09-2013
PDF Delhi Rising Star 2013 (Revised) 6-25-2013
HTML Duke Energy Line Clearing 6-19-2013
HTML Yard of the Week Contest 2013 6-2-2013
PDF Ohio Prescription Drug Drop-box Program 4-15-2013
HTML Hamilton County Computer Recycling Program 4-11-2013
HTML Hamilton County Hazardous Waste Dropoff Program 4-11-2013
PDF Hillside Community Garden 4-1-2013
HTML Hamilton Co. Yard Trimmings Drop-off 2-29-2013
PDF Delhi Fire Dept. Offers "Safe Sitter" Course for Teens 2-5-2013
PDF Financial Advisory Board Regular Meeting Notice 1-14-2013
PDF Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Notice 1-14-2013
PDF Delhi Township Developer Packet is now available 12-10-2012


Articles of Common Interest

  Title Date
PDF Resolution Establishing a Curfew for Minors Within Delhi Township 8-6-2008
PDF Resolution Requiring the Registration of All Transient Vendors Within the Township 4-15-2007
PDF Hamilton County Changes Siren Testing To Once Per Month
- Hamilton County Emergency Management Agency
PDF Resolution 1998-032 - Resolution Prohibiting the Parking of Commercial, Heavy and Oversized Vehicles on Public Roadways 5-27-1998
PDF Resolution 1991-155 - The Control of Dogs in Delhi Township 6-12-1991


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