The Floral Paradise of OhioDelhi Township Seal

Delhi Township is a suburban community with a population of 29,510 (2010 U.S. Census) located in Southwest Ohio's Hamilton County. Delhi was established in 1789 and was a rural community until just after World War II. The Township's motto, "The Floral Paradise of Ohio", dates from this earlier era when the Township's landscape was dotted with greenhouses. At one time, these greenhouses were a major source of the nation's carnation stock. Since World War II, Delhi has experienced a transformation from a pastoral, agricultural community into a quiet bedroom community that emphasizes neighborhood and family.

Delhi Township is a home-rule township whose policy-making authority is vested in an elected three-member Board of Trustees. The Township Fiscal Officer is also an elected official. The Trustees and the Fiscal Officer serve four year staggered terms with elections held in November of the odd-numbered years.

Mission Statement

To ensure that all aspects of the daily operations of Delhi Township are performed in an efficient and effective manner through management of internal departments and coordination with external organizations.