Delhi Pike Strategic Redevelopment Plan

Plan the Pike

The Delhi Township "Plan the Pike" Strategic Redevelopment Plan, created in 2015, is designed to help the townships elected and appointed officials, administration, residents, developers and business operators develop a shared understanding of Delhi Pikes future needs regarding land use and the best strategies for ensuring a successful and strong economic future for the township.

Like many developed communities, Delhi Township enjoys a number of assets, but the community will benefit from a long-term strategy to guide its efforts to achieve desire land uses and development characteristics both today and into the future. The Plan the Pike Strategic Redevelopment Plan has received local and regional support and accolades and in 2016 it was awarded the Frank F. Ferris Award for Planning Excellence. This competitive award is awarded to communities whose efforts have contributed to the elevation of planning principals, greater awareness of the value of planning, and the improved quality of life.

Read the plan history on the Strategic Redevelopment Plan page.

Catalytic Redevelopment Sites

As a result of the Plan, three development sites were identified as focused catalytic redevelopment sites based on their availability, visibility, analysis of market realities and urban design opportunities. Visit the Catalytic Redevelopment Sites page for more information.

Market Analysis

As part of the Plan, market analysis were completed to determine the feasibility of mixed-use developments and additional housing along Delhi Pike.