Fire Safety Presentations

The Delhi Township Fire Department is glad to host field trips from local schools and daycare facilities to help educate children of all ages about the importance of fire safety.

Annual Spring Tour

CO Harrison Kindergartners visit the Delhi Township Fire Department on their annual spring tour, and the visitors learn how firefighters spend their day and night while on duty. Firefighters show the children their fire gear and explain how they must dress for safety when fighting fires. The students had a great time interacting with the firefighters while squirting a fire hose.

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Fire Safety House

Then the tour got down to some serious business as students learned life-saving procedures in the Fire Safety House. The "house" is on loan to us from Miami Township Fire Department. The Fire Safety House is an effective tool in teaching children kitchen safety, exit drills in the home and other home safety tactics, precautions and proper safety procedures in the event of a fire.

The Fire Safety House is mobile travel trailer that has been turned into a scaled down "kid-sized" functional house. Children locate potential fire hazards in a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. They practice simple methods of eliminating potentially dangerous situations. They feel a "hot" door and locate an emergency escape route. Finally, the children exit as the safety house fills with a nontoxic, water-based "smoke."

Station 33

While visiting with us at Station 33 kids learn a few of the basic fire safety skills they might need in case of a fire in their home. Kids and parents watch a video on how to "Stop - Drop - and Roll," learn to crawl under smoke, and several other important life safety tips. Kids and parents alike get to see us dress in full turn-out gear. This can be important because we can look fairly frightening to a small child, especially when they are already scared by the situation at hand.

All kids seem to have a great time exploring the fire trucks, and each received their own honorary fire helmet.

Safety Village

Safety Village participants and instructors posing in front of a fire truckSafety Village is a two week, twenty hour program for children who will be entering kindergarten this fall. Using songs, crafts, role-playing, videos, special guests and a field trip, the children learn about safety in traffic, in the home, on the playground, in a bus, and around fire, water, poisons and strangers. You need not be an Oak Hills resident for your child to attend. The sessions run every two weeks starting June. They are at Dulles in June and Delshire in July.

To register, visit the Oak Hills Community Education office at Oak Hills High School, or call 513-451-3595.