Safe Sitter

Our world is a complicated place. Today's babysitters need to know more than just the basics to keep themselves and the children in their care safe. That's why Safe Sitter®, an up-to-date and well-rounded youth development program with a medical basis, teaches young teens life and safety skills to keep them safe now and in the future. It also equips them with the tools needed to stay home alone safely and with confidence.

Learn the skills it takes to be a babysitter. Know what to do in an emergency.

Course Fee & Payment

The (non-refundable) course fee is $90 per student. Participants must have successfully completed 5th grade and not started 9th grade to be eligible for the class. Payment must be received at Fire Department Headquarters with completed registration forms before registration will be confirmed.

Unfortunately we do not take payment over the phone or online. For further information on payment and registration, contact the Fire Department. For more information on the Safe Sitter Class program, please visit the Safe Sitter website.

Safe Sitter Class Information and program description