Protection Rating

Delhi Fire Department Betters Its Protection Rating!

The Insurance Services Office (ISO), Inc. is a private company that collects data and evaluates information from each community in the United States that provides fire protection.

Some of these fire suppression areas are expansive areas covering hundreds of miles, like in the western and southwestern United States. Delhi Township, because of our proximity to Cincinnati and population density, is considered an urban department. As such we will now be eligible for re-examination every five years as opposed to every ten years under past guidelines.

Ratings & What They Mean

ISO rates fire departments and fire districts on a 1 to 10 scale. 1 being exemplary and 10 meaning that a minimal level of protection is provided. This public protection class rating is then used by insurance companies to set premium rates for communities. The biggest reduction on premium rates is provided to businesses without sprinkler systems. Our reduction to a class 2 could mean a reduction of premiums for businesses of 4 to 7% depending on the insurance company used by the business.

Homeowners are urged to contact their insurance agent and ask if they are eligible for any premium reduction for Delhi's protection class reduction to a class 2. ISO has advised us that all Delhi businesses and residents would see a reduction if we could somehow manage a class 1 rating in the future.

Public Protection Classification Summary Report

Please take the time to examine the Public Protection Classification Summary Report (PDF) and call the fire station at 513-922-2011 if we can answer any questions you may have, or visit the Insurance Services Office website for more information.