Nothing sets the mood quite like soothing candle-light. Be it for romance, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, or for everyday use, everyone has candles in their home. There is nothing nicer than walking into a house filled with the aroma of burning candles, unless you're a Firefighter.

In a four year period Firefighters across the United States responded to 6,780 house fires caused by candles. 81 people lost their lives and 731 people were injured in these fires. In Ohio, 1,209 house fires, 8 deaths, and 166 injuries were reportedly caused by candle fires.

In Delhi Township, 8 house fires were caused by candles. No injuries or deaths were reported. These fires occurred in almost every room throughout the house.

Reduce Risks

You can reduce the risk of these fires by placing candles in an open, uncluttered area. There shouldn't be anything above the candle. Never leave a child unattended in a room with burning candles or accessible matches and lighters. Never leave the house or go to sleep with candles lit. Most importantly ensure smoke detectors are up to date, tested, and in good working order.

These are just a few ideas to reduce the chance of an unwanted fire. If you would like more information please contact the Delhi Township Fire Department.