Recycle Right

Recycle Right

When it comes to recycling, we all want to do the right thing. Yet it can be rather confusing. Can I put yogurt cups in my recycling cart? When I take a stack of cardboard to my community recycling drop-off, can I include empty pizza boxes? Here are some quick tips to help you recycle right!

Place these items in your curbside bin or cart, and at your community drop-off:

  • Aluminum cans and metal cans such as tuna
  • Empty aerosol cans, such as hair spray; remove the tip
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Paper cartons (from OJ, milk, broth, etc.); it helps to rinse them out first
  • Pizza boxes: remove any leftover crusts and stained liners
  • Plastic jugs and bottles
  • Unsoiled paper products, such as newspapers, junk mail, magazines, and paperboard

Please do not put these items in your recycling cart, bin, or community drop-off:

  • Plastic bags: these can tangle in the equipment at the recycling center. Many local stores have programs where you can return your plastic bags to the store for recycling.
  • Yogurt containers: these, as well as other large mouth containers such as margarine, are not accepted in curbside or drop-off programs.

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