Station 36

Built in 2017, the new Greenwell Fire Station facility was built for $3.6 million dollars to replace the old Greenwell Fire Station (est. 1956). The Greenwell Fire Station was opened for operation on May 1, 2017 and dedicated in a public ceremony on June 27th of that same year. The fire station serves the eastern district of Delhi Township and is home to the Delhi Firefighters Memorial. The Delhi Police also have a substation in the facility.

The flag pole for the facility has served as the flagpole for the original fire headquarters on Neeb Road. It was later moved to the old fire station on Greenwell in 2003 after the new Fire Headquarters was built. There it served until moving to its new home on Greenwell in May 2017. The memorial was moved from Five Points Park with elements of its original layout and incorporated into the design of the new fire station.

The drive into the station was ceremonially named Sanker/Selhorst Way in recognition of Assistant Chief Robert Sanker (retired) and Captain Pete Selhorst (retired). Both men played an instrumental role in the construction and operation of the original Greenwell Fire Station. The new facility is 11,600 square feet and staffs between 3 to 5 personnel that operate Engine 36 and Medic 36.

Fire Apparatus Magazine

The station was featured in a Fire Apparatus magazine article in June of 2018.

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