Rapid Run Flooding

Rapid Run FEMA/Metropolitan Sewer District Flooding Alleviation Solution

Rapid Run FloodingRapid Run between Anderson Ferry and Neeb Road has been plagued with overland flooding for years. We have already received two grants totaling over $6 million from FEMA and have been able to purchase 20 homes, demolish them, and leave behind perpetual green space.

After the success with the first 2 projects we set our efforts towards obtaining a 3rd FEMA grant, collaboratively with Metropolitan Sewer District, to complete the voluntary buyout. We were awarded this $4,000,000 grant in March 2019, and have been working to obtain the final 24 homes in this flooded area. Soon you will see the rest of the homes that have entered into this voluntary buyout program being razed, with additional green space left.

Delhi Township is excited to bring this project to completion and look forward to providing the needed relief for those homeowners who have endured flooding issues over the years.