Road Construction

Since 1985, the Delhi Township Public Works Department has leveraged $7,025,846.60 from Delhi Township's funding to perform $18,881,472.50 in construction and engineering projects. 62.79% of all money spent since 1985 to engineer and fix roads and drainage facilities has come from "outside funding sources," which means we have more than doubled your tax dollars!

The total replacement value of the Delhi Township road network is greater than $53 million, which easily makes it the Township's most expensive asset.

Outside sources of funding for all projects listed are:

  • Cincinnati Water Works Project Reimbursements
  • Federal Community Development Block Grants
  • Federal Emergency Management Grants
  • Federal Transportation Enhancement Grants
  • Metropolitan Sewer District Funds and Project Reimbursements
  • State of Ohio Capital Improvement Grants
  • State of Ohio Natural Resource Grants
  • Various Hamilton County Commissioners and Engineers Funds

2022  Infrastructure Projects

Street  Paving Projects in conjunction with Greater Cincinnati Water Works Water Main Replacement project: ($92,000.00) - 1.0 mile

  • Duebber Drive
  • Poinsettia Drive
  • Samoht Ridge Road
  • Burhen Drive
  • Leath Avenue
  • Viewland Drive
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