Division Overview

Lieutenant Richard Schmalz, Commander of the Patrol, is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the uniform section of the Police Department. The Patrol Division is comprised of 23 sworn officers who are divided into three squads. Each squad is headed by a Sergeant Squad Leader and a Corporal Assistant Squad Leader.

Patrol Coverage

While patrol officers normally patrol in marked patrol vehicles, they also provide foot patrol and unmarked patrol when necessary. This diversity of coverage enables officers to go almost anywhere and, in many cases, patrol those places where the criminal is least likely to expect them.

Patrol Responsibilities

Patrol officers are responsible for responding to calls for service, enforcing local and state traffic laws, and acting as a deterrent to criminal activity. Patrol officers respond to approximately 15,000 radio runs or calls for service each year.

Patrol officers are Police Vehicles tasked with responding to reports of criminal activity, taking criminal offense reports and conducting the initial investigations, investigating auto accidents, providing extra patrol to areas of reported criminal activity, and checking on residents' homes while they are on vacation.

School Patrolling

In 2012, following an increase in incidents of school violence, patrol officers began walking the halls of all 6 schools each day to help increase visibility and attempt to prevent any such incidents from happening in our schools. More information can be found on the School Resource Officer page.

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