Boards & Commissions

Department of Development Services

Board of Zoning Appeals

Operating as a function of the Department of Community Development, the Board has the authority to decide appeals, grant variances and approve special zoning certificates. 

Zoning Commission

Operating as a function of the Department of Community Development, the Commission makes recommendations to the Delhi Township Board of Trustees on zoning map and resolution amendments, development plan reviews, land use plans, and monitor the effectiveness of the Township Zoning Resolution and make necessary revisions as necessary.

Other Boards & Commissions

Financial Advisory Board

Members of the Financial Advisory Board serve at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees on a voluntary basis.  Under the direction of the Township Administrator, the Board conducts periodic reviews of Township revenues and expenses; quarterly reviews of financial reports with department heads and the Township Administrator; and assists with the annual review of the proposed Tax Budget and Operating Budget.  Membership is reviewed and approved on an annual basis by Resolution.

Records Commission

The Records Commission, composed of the chairperson of the board of township trustees and the fiscal officer, are called upon to meet to review applications for one-time disposal of obsolete records and schedules of records retention and disposition submitted by township offices.  The Commission may dispose of records pursuant to the procedure outlined in Section 149.381 of the Ohio Revised Code.  The Commission, at any time, may review any schedule it has previously approved, and, for good cause shown, may revise that schedule under the procedure outlined in that section.

Tax Incentive Review Council

Ohio Revised Code 5709.85 requires the Township to create a Tax Incentive Review Council (TIRC) to review all existing Township tax incentives on an annual basis.  At their annual meeting chaired by the Hamilton County Auditor, members make recommendations to the Board of Township Trustees who would then decide whether or not to continue the incentives.